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NEO International Trade White Paper

Northeast Ohio is Well Positioned for International Business Opportunities:
Reported in University of Akron White Paper Commissioned by NEOTEC

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In 2008, NEOTEC commissioned the University of Akron to provide an independent white paper on the viability of Northeast Ohio as a location in which to conduct international business. The paper concluded that opportunities for growth and success abound for international companies considering doing business in Northeast Ohio. It provides an optimistic report that Northeast Ohio is well positioned to profitably participate in the global business arena, despite the current economic downtown facing the U.S. and the world.

Research for the white paper was spearheaded by Dr. William Hauser, PhD, Department of Marketing and International Business at The University of Akron’s College of Business Administration, along with Dr. AnneMarie Scarisbrick-Hauser, PhD, Department of Public Administration and Urban Affairs, and Fellow with the Bliss Institute for Applied Politics at The University of Akron.

NEOTEC commissioned the research project in order to qualitatively define what Northeast Ohio has to offer the international business community in hopes of marketing the information to attract capital investment and jobs to the region. Based on the paper’s positive conclusion, it is now being utilized as an economic development tool by NEOTEC and other marketing and development organizations in the region.

“This report confirms that we have much to be optimistic about in Northeast Ohio, and verifies the importance of NEOTEC’s objective to enhance the region’s global competitiveness,” said Ron DeBarr, president and CEO of NEOTEC. “The title of the whitepaper, Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?, is confidently answered ‘half full.’”

DeBarr said that the white paper is the foundation for NEOTEC's Global Business Development Initiative: it is being used to illuminate the many advantages of conducting business on an international level in Northeast Ohio, and to encourage foreign direct investment as well as domestic expansion projects into the region.


“After reading this whitepaper, individuals and businesses (be they international or domestic) should view the Northeast Ohio region very positively.  Historically, Northeast Ohio has been a center of entrepreneurship and optimism. These characteristics are woven into the social fabric of the region’s individuals, families and businesses. This ingrained sense of innovation and optimism will help the region to weather current challenges and re-invest itself to create a successful future.”

 Dr. William Hauser, Department of Marketing and International Business, University of Akron

“The key finding from our whitepaper is that while economic conditions in Northeast Ohio are currently tumultuous, the resources, innovation, and leadership are there for the region to emerge stronger and to enhance its position in the global marketplace.   International businesses should view the region as fertile and ready for growth. Concurrently, regional leaders must work as one to create positive, innovative strategies to spur this growth.”

Dr. AnneMarie Scarisbrick-Hauser, Department of Public Administration and Urban Affairs, University of Akron